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The Franklin Institute of Wellness was established in 2013 by Dr. Jessie Hawkins to raise the bar in herbalism and aromatherapy education. FIW is the only aromatherapy college in the US with a full research team of professionals conducting original scientific studies into the effects of herbs and essential oils. As a formally recognized college, educational credentials earned from FIW provide our graduates with the recognition and credibility necessary to achieve success both within and outside of the world of natural health.

Mission: Our mission at the Franklin Institute of Wellness is to educate and empower aspiring professionals to achieve success in the fields of natural health through a rigorous, science-based and research-focused education.

Why? Natural health is full of study options and programs providing certificates or diplomas that don’t hold any academic legitimacy. When looking for a program to help prepare you to enter the field as a competent professional, it’s crucial that your study program hold academic recognition through an overseeing agency. This ensures academic competency, diversity of instructors, qualifications of instructors, suitability of coursework, and financial stability.

Our graduates enter the field fully prepared to achieve success with a credential recognized around the world: a college diploma.

Why you need a fully authorized institution for your training

Your training in aromatherapy or herbalism is the most important determining factor of your potential for success as a professional in the field. Don’t risk your future career on an inferior education.

The benefits of a fully authorized educational institution include:

  • The ability to earn a legitimate academic credential from an approved college
  • A diverse group of instructors who are among the best in the world with top-notch academic qualifications
  • Comprehensive curriculum that prepares you to address any issues you may encounter as a professional
  • Full preparation to enter the field directly after graduation as a qualified professional
  • Opportunities to learn from the latest scientific evidence–from a school that produces natural health research
  • and much, much more!

Non Discrimination: The Franklin Institute of Wellness is dedicated to providing a learning environment that is free from discrimination based upon gender, race, age, citizenship, nationality, religion, marital status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or parental status.

As a school, we do not engage in such biases or discrimination and expect all members of our learning environment to report such incidents to the school.

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Phone: 615•261•3116