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Scientific Research • Academic Excellence

The Franklin Institute of Wellness offers 7 program majors to choose from.

The Franklin Institute of Wellness was established in 2013 by Dr. Jessie Hawkins to raise the bar in herbalism and aromatherapy education. FIW is the only aromatherapy college in the US with a full research team of professionals conducting original scientific studies into the effects of herbs and essential oils. As a formally recognized college, educational credentials earned from FIW provide our graduates with the recognition and credibility necessary to achieve success both within and outside of the world of natural health.

Our mission at the Franklin Institute of Wellness is to educate and empower aspiring professionals to achieve success in the fields of natural health through a rigorous, science-based and research focused education. We encourage utilization of environmentally friendly, plant-based ingredients to promote healthy lifestyles in a wide variety of settings.

To accomplish our goals of providing an unsurpassed educational opportunity that combines relevant and comprehensive scientific and practical information with ease of attendance and flexibility in format for students, we have set the following objectives:

  • We provide students with thorough and rigorous programs that contain current scientific information about botanical products and healthy behaviors that boost health outcomes.
  • We ensure that each course empowers the student to achieve success through clearly detailed requirements designed to encourage critical thinking skills and ensure competency in the field.
  • We provide affordable programs that can be accomplished by individuals in any location or time schedule, and we ensure competency in faculty and staff in the areas in which they instruct students, requiring an extensive combination of education and experience in the field.
  • We maintain a comprehensive online learning system that utilizes advanced educational technology to recreate the classroom experience online.

Why? Natural health is full of study options and programs providing certificates or diplomas that don’t hold any academic legitimacy. When looking for a program to help prepare you to enter the field as a competent professional, it’s crucial that your study program hold academic recognition through an overseeing agency. This ensures academic competency, diversity of instructors, qualifications of instructors, suitability of coursework, and financial stability.

Our graduates enter the field fully prepared to achieve success with a credential recognized around the world: a college diploma.

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