The Franklin Institute of Wellness will educate and empower aspiring professionals around the world to achieve success in the fields of natural health through a rigorous, science-based and research-focused education.  This is accomplished through the creation, interpretation, and dissemination of scientific knowledge regarding the utilization of environmentally friendly, plant-based ingredients which promote healthy lifestyles in a wide variety of settings. 

The Franklin Institute of Wellness will be recognized as the premier research college for leading students in the natural health field and all students who desire an exceptional educational experience which integrates scientific research into the curriculum.

  • Unsurpassed educational experience which produces leaders who have developed experience and competency in the professional implementation of their skills and are capable of achieving successful careers in their chose health related field.
  • Scientific research which expands the body of knowledge regarding the ideal ways to utilize plant based ingredients and preventive lifestyle behaviors to boost healthy outcomes among a diverse range of populations.
  • Embrace collaboration, community, and diversity among faculty and staff, the student body, and our community.
  • Provide students with thorough and rigorous educational programs developed utilizing current scientific knowledge about botanical products and healthy behaviors that boost health outcomes.
  • Ensure that each course empowers the student to achieve success through high quality scholarship, including clearly detailed requirements designed to encourage critical thinking skills and professional competency in the field.   
  • Provide flexible, affordable programs that are delivered in an accepting, inclusive environment which supports a diverse student body representing a wide range of backgrounds and cultures from around the world. 
  • Develop a culture which ensures competency in faculty and staff while promoting an atmosphere which supports work-life balance to enhance sustainability and personal health. 
  • Maintain a comprehensive online learning system that utilizes advanced educational technology to recreate the abundance of an on-site classroom experience in an online environment.