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As essential oils become more commonplace, the demands placed on today’s aromatherapists are higher and stronger than ever before. A solid and comprehensive aromatherapy education is no longer a luxury but a requirement to achieve success in the field.

Aromatherapy certification from the Franklin Institute of Wellness ensures that you enter the field prepared to challenges today’s aromatherapists must overcome. In our 330 contact hour (approximately 1150 study hour) program, you will learn not only the basics of traditional aromatherapy such as blending and diluted topical application, but also the advanced applications and techniques today’s clients demand.

Aromatherapists who graduate from our programs are trained in the safety and suitability of concentrated topical applications, including neat (undiluted) where acceptable, as well as the background, experience, and expertise required to work with clients in ways which include the ingestion of essential oils.

Our aromatherapy programs are based on the latest scientific research, and we do not only utilize scientific study as a core focus of our program, but we also contribute to the growing body of knowledge directly by conducting research studies and clinical trials right here at the Institute. This unique benefit of study is made available by working with instructors who are not only highly accomplished aromatherapists but also research professionals with advanced education and expertise. 

No other aromatherapy program in the country includes both the study of research methods and essential oil ingestion into its core curriculum, leaving many graduates unable to achieve success in this rapidly evolving field.

Our program is completed in three full time academic quarters or six part time academic quarters. Each academic quarter runs for 11 weeks and we have four quarters each year beginning every January, April, July, and September. See a full academic calendar here. You have two study options: fully online and hybrid, which combines the flexibility of online learning with the benefits of in-person workshops. 

Aromatherapy certification is an enjoyable but also challenging process. The rigorous coursework ensures competency and success for your future in the field. Achieving successful completion of the course enables you to enter the field as one of the most highly trained aromatherapists in the nation thanks to our comprehensive training program. 

Ready to take your first steps towards aromatherapy certification? Learn more about the admissions process here. Learn more about the tuition and fees for Aromatherapy Certification here.

Aromatherapy Certification Course Requirements:

Core Courses (30 contact hours each)

Concentration Courses (50 contact hours each)

Total Contact Hours Required: 330

Graduation Requirements: Successful completion of the program is defined as:

  • Completing all of the required course work with a minimum grade of 70% or higher on all coursework
  • Fulfilling all financial obligations to the school
  • Successfully pass the aromatherapy certification exam with a minimum score of 75%
  • Compliance with all rules and regulations of the school

Upon successful completion of all requirements, you will be awarded a professional college certificate in aromatherapy.


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