Essential Oil Research Interpretation

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“A research study is only as good as the data collected. Gathering a massive database of junk research will always produce meaningless studies, even if the methodology is flawless.”

Dr. Jessie Hawkins, clinical aromatherapy researcher

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Learn how to decipher and analyze clinical research on essential oils and aromatherapy in this full day conference event.

Session 1: Introduction to Research Studies

In the first session you will learn how to source and skim research studies, identification of conflicts of interest, study limitations, and more.

Session 2: Legitimacy Red Flags

Studies with questionable legitimacy provide questionable evidence. Learn how to spot studies which do not meet basic standards for quality.

Session 3: Research Methodology

Clinical trials are not the only, or even the best, type of study for every research question. Learn about the most commonly used study designs for natural health.

Session 4: Interpretation & Application Myths

Spot the most common interpretation myths and errors while learning how to accurately interpret natural health studies.

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