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Concerns with memory affect individuals of all ages, with struggles ranging from short-term memory loss to dementia and Alzheimer’s. Over 5.5 million Americans currently live with Alzheimer’s dementia, with someone new developing the condition ever 66 seconds.  

Mainstream health approaches offer little to boost quality of life while struggling with memory loss, but several botanicals offer support when facing various conditions which impact memory. 

Get effective memory support through powerful botanicals with the evidence-based protocols and formulas taught in this full-day event.

In this seminar, taught by botanical researcher Jessie Hawkins, PhD(c), you will enjoy 4 lecture sessions and 2 hands-on sessions in the FIW lab. As a participant, you will receive a workbook, a formula guide, and create custom formulations in the lab.

This seminar is held on-site at the Franklin Institute of Wellness, located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Sessions are held from 9am until 4pm, with a one-hour lunch break at noon. 

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  • 9AM – 4PM, Central Time
  • Receive a conference booklet with handouts, protocols, and formulas
  • Includes 2 hands-on lab sessions
  • Earn 6 contact hours of CEUs

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Seminar Schedule • 9Am – 4PM, central time

Session 1: Memory Related Disorders

Memory concerns range from short-term learning struggles to permanent conditions such as Alzheimer’s. In the first session, you will learn more about these conditions and what goals can be achieved through botanical support.

Session 4: Dementia and Alzheimer’s

This session focuses on botanicals which both prevent and treat age-related memory loss, with an emphasis on botanicals which also improve overall quality of life.

Session 2: Morning Lab Projects

The first laboratory experience of the day includes aromatherapeutic treatments to boost memory. This lab includes a formulation guide and hands-on activities to create 2 memory-enhancing oil blends which can be used right away.

Session 5: Afternoon Lab Projects

The second laboratory session for the day includes a botanical formula guide for enhanced concentration and for memory retrieval with hands-on projects.

Session 3: Memory and the Student

Children with attention deficits often struggle with memory, and students of all ages may struggle with short-term, long-term, or memory storage. This session covers botanicals which support academic memory.

Session 6: Memory Retrieval

Memory is not only the storage of information, both long-term and short-term, but also the retrieval of information, on demand. This session covers herbs and oils which promote retrieval.