Botanicals for Pain Management Seminar w/ Lab

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Both chronic and acute pain, caused by a wide range of conditions, can result in life-changing health concerns that are often either under-treated by modern medicine or treated exclusively through powerful and risky pharmaceuticals. In addition to the failure to address the concern, many women face painful conditions that are ignored or under-addressed by care providers.

Get effective pain relief through powerful botanicals with the protocols and formulas taught in this full-day event. This seminar includes 4 lecture sessions and 2 hands-on sessions in the FIW lab. As a participant, you will receive a workbook, a formula guide, and create 5 custom formulations in the lab.

This seminar is held on-site at the Franklin Institute of Wellness, located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

Seminar Registration


  • Receive a conference booklet with handouts, protocols, and formulas
  • Includes 2 hands-on lab sessions
  • Workshop is 9am – 4pm central time with a 1-hour lunch break

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Registration w/ CEU Certificate


  • Full registration with conference booklet and all hands-on lab preparations
  • CEU Registration includes a certificate of attendance issued by the Franklin Institute of Wellness that can be used for CEUs

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Seminar Schedule • 9Am – 4PM, central time

Session 1: Pain Measurement

This introductory session introduces pain management with an overview of the tools that will be used during the seminar for both chronic and acute pain management.

Session 4: Pain and Inflammation

Inflammation is an important factor in pain management. In this lecture, you will learn how to manage chronic pain and inflammation using botanical extracts and herbs.

Session 2: Morning Lab

The first laboratory experience of the day includes aromatherapeutic treatments for pain relief. This lab includes a formulation guide and hands-on activities to create 2 pain-reducing oil blends.

Session 5: Afternoon Lab

The second laboratory session for the day includes a botanical formula guide for pain reducing and anti-inflammatory botanicals with hands-on projects for arthritis, back pain, and dental care.

Session 3: Advanced Aromatherapy

In this lecture, you will learn about high-dilution aromatherapy applications for topical pain relief with interactive experiences evaluating protocols.

Session 6: Oral Care & First Aid

The final lecture of the day includes pain relief for acute situations, including oral health and first aid settings. Handouts include protocols and formulas for both settings.

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504 Autumn Springs Ct

Phone: 615•261•3116