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Lavender essential oil. The name evokes thoughts of relaxing body lotions and a soothing day at the spa. But this essential oil powerhouse is capable of much more than scenting your cosmetics. Modern scientific studies reveal that this floral oil can compete with prescription pharmaceuticals when it comes to medicinal actions. From first aid to clinical anxiety, the essential oil has been backed by scientific study after scientific study.

In this 4-part online series, Dr. Jessie Hawkins walks you through the medicinal applications of this essential oil, taking it far beyond the spa and into your medicine chest with a wide range of applications. Dr. Hawkins draws from the scientific literature to demonstrate ways you can replicate this success at home with lavender oil and what you need to know to get the most from this bottle of essential oil.

Event Schedule:

The online event includes four sessions, each of which focuses on a unique attribute of lavender essential oil. Each session includes a solid, scientific approach to the applications of the oil.

Session one addresses misconceptions about topics such as sensitization and dilutions, while sessions two, three, and four include practical formulas you can use to replicate results in clinical studies.

SESSION ONE: Lavender Myths and Safety

SESSION TWO: Lavender and Wound Healing

SESSION THREE: Lavender for Mental Wellness

SESSION FOUR: Lavender for Infections

The entire event is recorded and by registering, you will be emailed a .zip file of the entire 4-part series and the handouts which contain Dr. Hawkins’ formulas and references.

Event Registration

  • LIVE access from 9AM – 2PM, Central time
  • Download recordings of the entire event
  • Includes PDF download of formulas

Dr. Jessie Hawkins:

The Lavender Essential Oil: Beyond the Spa online seminar is taught by Franklin Institute of Wellness Academic Director and Research Director, Dr. Jessie Hawkins.

Dr. Hawkins is a scientific researcher who teaches research methods to our students and is the lead researcher on the clinical trials and other scientific studies conducted here at the Franklin Institute of Wellness. As one of the world’s leading experts on research in herbalism and aromatherapy, she ensures that the tools you master are both safe and effective.