Natural Solutions to Memory & Learning

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Concerns with memory affect individuals of all ages, with struggles ranging from short-term memory loss to dementia and Alzheimer’s. Over 5.5 million Americans currently live with Alzheimer’s dementia, with someone new developing the condition ever 66 seconds. 

Mainstream health approaches offer little to boost quality of life while struggling with memory loss, but several botanicals offer support when facing various conditions which impact memory. Get effective memory support through powerful botanicals with the evidence-based protocols and formulas taught in this full-day event.

Topics Include:

  • Memory-Related Disorders
  • Short Term and Long Term Memory
  • Memory Storage and Recall
  • Epidemiology of Memory-Related Conditions
  • Attention Span and Academic Learning
  • Essential Oils to Boost Memory
  • Age-Related Memory Loss
  • Botanical Formulations for Memory Retrieval

Workshop Registration

  • LIVE access from 9AM – 3PM, Central time
  • Includes unedited replay access of the entire event


Registration includes access to the live, interactive online workshop with Dr. Hawkins, access to the event replay, and access to any workshop downloads. The event will be recorded and a full, unedited replay of the workshop will be made available for viewing after the event.

The event runs from 9AM to 3PM, CST and is made available through a live streaming service which can be accessed on both your computer and mobile device.