Psychology of Human Health Behavior Short Course

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Continuing Education Short Course: The Psychology of Human Health Behavior

Have you ever wondered why clients and patients don’t change their health related behaviors, even after they know that these behaviors are causing their chronic health problems? Why do they continue to eat junk food, smoke, or ignore basic healthy habits? Why doesn’t educating people about the risks cause them to change their behaviors?

In this 2-day short course, Dr. Jessie Hawkins reveals the science behind the psychology of health behavior. You will learn how to connect with your patients, clients, or followers at their own level, and how to help them achieve measurable change in health outcomes.

About Continuing Ed Short Courses

Short course continuing education programs at the Franklin Institute of Wellness have been developed specifically for professionals with expertise in medical and health sciences. Course topics range from aromatherapy to research methods, with an emphasis on subjects that enhance the professional success of health professionals who specialize in natural or integrative health modalities.

These courses are available on an annual basis and are typically offered online. Successful completion comes with a college Certificate of Completion issued from the Franklin Institute of Wellness. These certificates can be used for professional enhancement and for meeting licensing requirements for various fields.

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