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Stress and anxiety impact nearly every human being at some point during our lifetimes and can be both chronic and transient. In this fully online workshop, FIW Director, Dr. Jessie Hawkins, takes you through what the scientific literature has to say about the impact of stress and anxiety on our lives–and how natural supplements, herbs, and essential oils can make a significant difference in those outcomes.

Whether your goal is to reduce overall stress to boost health or you are addressing an anxiety diagnosis, this seminar is an absolute must. By the end of the workshop, you will be empowered to confidently make changes that boost overall health, reducing stress, and alleviating anxiety.

Topics Include:

  • Epidemiological Burden of Stress & Anxiety
  • Variations of Anxiety Symptoms
  • Creating Workable Goals
  • Herbs to Reduce Stress
  • Herbal Supplements for Anxiety Disorders
  • Dietary Supplements to Build Resilience
  • Essential Oils for Anxiety
  • Formulation and Dosing

Workshop Registration

  • LIVE access from 9AM – 3PM, Central time
  • Includes unedited replay access of the entire event


Registration includes access to the live, interactive online workshop with Dr. Hawkins, access to the event replay, and access to any workshop downloads. The event will be recorded and a full, unedited replay of the workshop will be made available for viewing after the event.

The event runs from 9AM to 3PM, CST and is made available through a live streaming service which can be accessed on both your computer and mobile device.