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Scientific Research

What is the Aromatherapy Research Foundation?

Conduct original research on the therapeutic use of essential oils and medicinal plants.
Disseminate original research and published research to students and professionals.
Advocate for scientific research in the fields of herbalism and aromatherapy.

Our Mission

We exist to contribute to the body of scientific evidence supporting the use of essential oils for a wide range of health conditions and to identify the appropriate uses of oils using an evidence-based model.

To accomplish this mission, we engage in educational offerings and conduct original scientific research on botanicals, including herbs and essential oils.

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Who we are

The Aromatherapy Research Foundation is sponsored by the Franklin Institute of Wellness. Our multidisciplinary research team consists of leading scientific researchers and partner medical care providers.

We also enjoy the support of a team of of herbal and aromatherapy students, interns, and enthusiastic volunteers who are dedicated to boosting the legitimacy of aromatherapy by conducting and disseminating high-quality scientific research.

Current Research Studies:


We are conducting a randomized, blinded, placebo controlled clinical trial on the inhalation of essential oils for afternoon fatigue among women with hypothyroidism.

Anxiety in Autism

The A. R. F. is conducting two randomized, controlled clinical trials on the use of essential oil inhalation for pre-procedural anxiety among children with autism and on treatment for anxiety.

Ginger for Nausea

Our research team is conducting a meta-analysis on the moderating factors that determine outcomes with the use of differing forms and preparations of ginger to treat nausea.

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