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Clinical Research

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The FIW Research Team exists to contribute to the body of scientific evidence on the use of herbal products, essential oils, dietary supplements, and public health interventions for a wide range of health conditions, and to identify the appropriate uses of these substances and habits using an evidence-based model. To accomplish this mission, we engage in educational offerings and conduct original scientific research on botanicals, including herbs and essential oils.

Clinical Research

Our research team conducts original research on the therapeutic use of essential oils and medicinal plants with the goal of dissemination of these findings to the Franklin Institute of Wellness program students, professionals in the fields of herbalism and aromatherapy, and medical professionals worldwide. We also advocate for scientific research in the fields of herbalism and aromatherapy.

The Aromatherapy Research Foundation is sponsored by the Franklin Institute of Wellness. Our multidisciplinary research team consists of leading scientific researchers and partner medical care providers. We also enjoy the support of a team of of herbal and aromatherapy students, interns, and enthusiastic volunteers who are dedicated to boosting the legitimacy of aromatherapy by conducting and disseminating high-quality scientific research.


Corporate Research Services

The FIW Research Team conducts clinical research with a specialization in clinical trials, meta-analyses, and epidemiological studies. Our team does not conduct lab or “bench” research, but we do partner with multiple lab research teams for comprehensive research solutions.

Research conducted by the FIW Research team is fully independent and conducted to the highest research standards. In keeping with research ethics, commissioned research studies are fully registered (as appropriate), approved by third party Institutional Review Boards, and independent of financial conflicts of interest.

From early power analysis and study size determinations to preparing findings for publication, the FIW Research Team simplifies the process of obtaining clinical results from your products.

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View a sampling of some of our current research studies, including clinical trials that are currently recruiting participants to volunteer.

aromatherapy and autism

Children aged 6-11 years old who have been diagnosed with any autism spectrum disorder, including Asperger’s, may qualify to participate in a 5-week aromatherapy study.


Chamomile as an herbal solution to anxiety disorders is being evaluated through a meta-analysis with findings expected to be released early 2019.


Women who are pregnant and in the first trimester may qualify to volunteer for a clinical trial on the use of essential oils for overall qualify of life in early pregnancy.


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